Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's the little things ............ again

It's that time of year again. Something changes in the air - a little cooler, dew appears, the leaves suddenly look tired, and the berries are coming through.

In the grass the orb spiders showed easily on sequined webs .......

and some unknown spider had taken the time to cocoon the grass.
The birds were hiding again - or miles away at Goldcliff - so I turned back to the bugs. Another unknown, but I suspect a sawfly sat with dewdrops glistening on it's back.
A speckled wood steadfastly refused to open it's wings more than just enough to give glimpse
Ivy is always a good bet to see whats around - Mesembrina meridiana,

Helophilus pendulus,
but the bindweed proved another good place (if they called it British Morning Glory perhaps we would appreciate the lovely white flowers more!). Sadly I couldn't snap this hoverfly without blocking some light, but it's still quite a nice effect as it straddles the stamens - I think they're stamens?
Meanwhile the fly with the nice personality (if you know what I mean) - Rhingia campestris had left the cowpats where they bred and were everywhere. This shot on Verbena bonariensis shows the comical, conical snout ........
- at first I though the tongue (OK, proboscis?) would come out the end, but if you look again it's going straight down into the flower. In this one on the bindweed it had swung forwards, making it look like something that would give you a nip.
Those that had visited a few flowers had a sugar coating.
I don't mind bugs - but I do miss something a bit bigger! Frustrating to know a spotted crake is in the region, but I can't get the time to go and see it. Just too far away. Maybe next weekend (but it'll be gone, I know it). Sorry about that, just had an Eeyore moment.

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