Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bedroom Predators

Well OK not so much predators in the bedroom as from it. Or to be more specific raptors. I have to admit that this first shot is pretty desperate but it is a handheld digiscoped snap at maximum magnification through double glazing, and the only chance I had before the buzzard flew. This pole is quite often used by our local buzzards, but I've included this shot only because it is (sadly) the only real shot I have yet of our local 'pale form' bird. The head was mainly white, and at first glance it looked more like an osprey. In fact until it turned to show the wings the whole bird looked white. I've seen it around a few times, so hopefully will eventually get a better shot, but they are a pretty shy and have excellent eyesight!

Shortly afterwards I looked out again to see another of our recent regulars.

Don't you just love those eyes! I presume this is a young male sparrowhawk - he has the brown barred breast, but not the grey head yet. We see him on this bench at least once a day. If you look at his feet you will see that he has also used this as an eating perch, although neither Kay nor I have seen him dining yet.

The next shot shows why he comes.

The bench is under one of our feeding stations, but he never seems to be actively hunting when sitting there. Even the local blue tits do still move around in nearby trees ...... then again I guess that is just what he is looking for!

Still seeing the male blackcap and a few glimpses of a female, but if we don't get some proper bloody daylight soon (well more than the hour or so we've had in the last week) I don't think I'll ever get any decent photos!

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