Thursday, December 28, 2006

Little things can brighten the day

What god-awful weather we had around Christmas. OK it was dry and not too cold for time of year, but someone had sucked all the light away. Taking photos was something of a lottery, but just about managed a shot (let's call it a record shot - i.e. a bit rubbish) of our recently arrived male blackcap in the garden,

a dunnock and another nuthatch in the Forest of Dean (this time without the bottle top)

and yet another robin on a picnic table (well ........ it's Christmas. Did you know robins were reputedly associated with Christmas because postmen wore red coats at the time Christmas cards took off commercially in the 1860's? Birds Britannica - can I plug that book again - has other suggestions, including the fact that the robin has such a conspicuous winter song at a time when there is such little competition)

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