Thursday, March 14, 2019

YELLOWSTONE 2019 part 1

The snow fell harder and the old bison looked worn out.  His huge head contrasted with a body that had lost the bulk it must have once had;  still an impressive beast, but past his prime.

As the wind whipped up he slowly sank to his knees, and then lay down,  head tucked into the snow.

The snow squall intensified, blurring the scene, but I could see that even the occasional movements of his head had stopped altogether  ………….

and when the skies cleared there were no signs of life at all. 

Fearing the worst I asked Stan Tekiela*, one of our guides on the trip, if the bull was dying or maybe even gone.
Smiling he replied "No. he's been doing that all week". 

My first Whitewalker of the year. 

* Stan is a biologist. prolific author and an excellent guide given his extensive knowledge of American wildlife.  He literally wrote the book!

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