Monday, July 31, 2017

Skomer I

Leaving Saltee we headed for another island, Skomer - off the Pembrokeshire coast and not really so far from home.  This time we were able to stay on the island and were lucky to be able to enjoy some lovely evening light.
The trip over isn't too bad.  Leaving from Marloes you form a human chain down a path and then a 'plank' to pass down the bags and all the food onto the boat - bit disconcerting as thousands of pounds worth of camera kit gets passed from hand to hand, but we made it safely onto the boat which was soon piled high. 

Get to the other end and the process is reversed, but this time the people leaving the island get to join the chain.
Skomer has a good mix of birds,

but the main target was the puffins, and both evenings we made our way down to The Wick, the premium snapping site. 

We couldn't have hoped for better light, but looking at my images I was left with a feeling I could have done better.  I know I learn best by visiting s site a few times, looking at my efforts and going back to refine the efforts that worked best.
Don't get me wrong the pics are OK, and it was fun to watch the puffins in and making their burrows, and play with different exposures in the warm evening light,

but in hindsight I spent too long on flight shots, none of which I liked, and not enough on wider angle pictures trying to show more of the environment as well.

Still there's always next time ...........

If you want to see some great wide angle pictures of the Skomer puffins check out Matthew Cattell's snaps from a few weeks after we visited.

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