Friday, April 01, 2016

Charm offensive

In recent weeks the numbers of goldfinches visiting the garden has been creeping up.  We've never reached the heights of Kay's parents who get them in the tens, but still a reliable and frequent visitor.  There are some snaps that are kind of staples for every bird photographers gallery, and the goldfinch on teasel is one of those.
So it was out with a bank stick and clamp, a teasel stem, some nijer seed for 'sprinkles', plant the prop near the feeders and keep an eye on the birds.  By day 2 there were fairly regular if not frequent visits, and some shots in the bag. 

Background might be better a bit more uniform, but I couldn't bring myself to start hanging up backgrounds in the garden.  I haven't actually posted my favourite as the subtlety will be lost on blogger.

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Linda said...

Gorgeous captures!