Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Land of Ice, Fire ........ Cloud and Rain - Selfoss

Leaving Jokulsarlon along the southern stretch of Route 1 the weather boded well for the remainder of the trip!

We were heading for a town called Selfoss over in the South-west, but stopped briefly to strecth our legs and have a look at one of the rivers.  I took a few snaps with my pocket camera, and was in turn snapped snapping flowers.

Selfoss was primarily about one species, and for a lot of us this had been one of the main targets in Iceland.  Near the town is an area of wetland - many small pools and most with it's own pair of red throated divers - some still on the nest, others with chicks. 

Again the light was a struggle, but over 2 days we had one short spell of sun before we finally had to head for home.
 The fish looked big for the chicks, but they literally disappeared in the blink of an eye
Choices had to be made about lens focal lengths - portrait, bird in setting, etc.  I was set up for a portrait of this bird which had been flexing its wings - prior to take off as it turned out.  I just about kept it in frame some of the time and in the end I quite like this shot although the perceived wisdom would say it needed space in the frame to be flying into.  In truth that's probably true - but I still like it!

There were other birds around - more phalarope, whimbrel, whooper swans and dunlin. 

There were a few terns around with their usual propensity for dive-bombing missions - here a shot of a famous dutch wildlife photographer demonstrating how to use Nikon gear to good effect!

So there it was.  A good trip, good company and thanks particularly to the 3 pro's on the trip -

Danny Green

Edwin Kats

both renowned wildlife photographers who led the trip, and Steve Bond, freelance / sport photographer, monopod expert and the unfortunate soul who had to bunk up with me!
Steve loaned me a camera at Selfoss so the diver pics are down to him - I did have a back-up, but an older model so it was good to have a few more pixels to play with.

As with my previous trip to Finland the organisation by Nature's Images was great.

One thing I am sure of is that I will go back to Iceland, and just hope next time to get more than 3 sessions of good light!
More pics in the web albums - use the link to the right.

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Beautiful images Brian.