Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Local buzzards

The sound of the local buzzards mewing reminded me that the fledging of the youngsters had proved a good time to try and get pics in the past, so having tracked down another roadkill rabbit it was time to set up the hide amongst the bushes and sit back in the hope of a visit.
Took a couple of hours, a few magpies aside, but then I heard calling and a bird came in for a look. It was quite wary so I didn't start snapping. Interestingly it didn't feed, but started calling answered by a second bird which came nearer before they swapped over.  Ageing buzzards is tricky but I suspected a parent calling a juvenile - who knows.

The new bird settled into feeding allowing plenty of time for snaps - nothing out of the ordinary, and the light was a bit flat, but as in the past a rewarding experience to be so close to such a beautiful bird.

Later there was a changeover again although this bird didn't really feed.

By late afternoon when we walked the dogs round the rabbit had all gone.


Brian J Davis said...

A fabulous set of pics Brian. It's not something I've ever tried but I will at some point. Thanks for sharing.

Brian said...

Thanks Brian. I've tried at other times of year without success - I suspect the young birds are less wary. I seem to recall Steve Round's blog finding adults shy, although I think adults are more likely to come if the feeding is more regular - Steve Round again and Charles Fleming