Thursday, February 07, 2013

Nearly - not quite

I'd read that goosander had been seen at a few sites in the Forest of Dean. In my experience they tend to be pretty shy, but I thought I'd have a go. On arrival in the early light I could see some birds were present, but as soon as they saw me they swam strongly away.  I tucked in and hoped they might come back, which one male did, albeit briefly.  3 females looked as though they might come, but then a dogwalker appeared and they were off - not just swimming but airborne.  Not a great shot but a start I suppose.

After that a bit of a tour around and I headed for Cannop Ponds - possibly a goosander, but more likely a mandarin duck or two.  The light was interesting although not ideal, and the birds were quite shy (except the swan!).  I snapped away and the light did provide some variety.  I quite liked some of the little grebe shots through the reeds, but no prizewinners.  Best viewed in larger size by clicking a pic or going to the web album.

As I was packing up I snapped one of the local nuthatches on the seat post feeding site,

then watched some folks chuck in bread for the ducks which came racing over - including some of the mandarins. Dohhh!

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