Sunday, October 28, 2012

Big or small?

Having a dog has meant that I have got to know my local patch much better, and I have managed some nice snaps as a result.  Pragmatically though it isn't practical for me to lug my 'real' camera and len(es) every time I go out, yet I soon realised that I was missing out on some pictures as a result, especially of the local insects and plants.  So I have taken to sticking my pocket camera in ....... my pocket.  It's a panasonic lumix TZ7, and in the right circumstances it can take a decent shot, albeit as JPEG, not RAW.  When you post on the interweb the relatively low resolution means the differences aren't necessarily as marked as one might think.

Just for some fun have a look at the following and see if you reckon SLR or pocket:



Well the answer is everything down to and including the first speckled bush cricket shot was with the TZ7, the rest except the last with the DSLR.  The last was back to the TZ7.

I would never have got the pictures of the hawker dragonfly laying eggs with the DSLR (at least not without lying in water, and probably giving the camera a soaking as well)  although the middle one might have been framed better - still a favourite though.  It is surprising just how close you can hold the little snapper to insects without them getting scared off.  It also takes decent video too.

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