Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thieving magpies!

The summer hasn't been brilliant for me photo-wise, but I guess I'm not alone in that.  Even when I was able to get in a session in decent weather the projects hadn't worked out as planned.  Last year I managed some shots of local foxes.  We've kept some food going down, including sometimes a bit of dog food with the peanuts and birdseed.  The trail cam showed the odd fox but only well after dark, then recently I had a couple of glimpses of a dark coloured fox around sunset.  I spent a couple of sessions in the ghillie suit and again saw the fox, but only when the light had largely gone.  If we get a decent night on a free evening and I get home in time I'll have another bash.  However the ghillie suit again proved it's worth - I really do think it's a good piece of kit.
The dog (ours) clearly wasn't sure ......

but it was the magpies that revealed just how well it works.  Corvids are generally twitchy birds in the countryside, but these ones not only came down to nick the food they came up to have a look at me - clearly not seeing me as a person.  Full frame shots.

It was a bit cheeky wandering up with it's mouth full though. 
The other project I was pleased with last year was the buzzards which I managed to get down a couple of times to roadkill rabbits.  One shot at this in 2012 and guess what ......

There were 7 or 8 down at some points, with the inevitable squabbles dominated by one larger bird.  (If you are a bit squeamish apologies - nature in the raw!).  One advantage of using a hide is it's much easier to swap lenses without disturbing the target.

The buzzards never appeared, but they are still around so again who knows - just need a rabbit and a sunny morning.  Although another plan did work out so I find myself a bit torn about what to try next - more in my next post.

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