Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fox hunt

After the fun I had snapping some young foxes last year we have been intermittently been putting down some bird food and dog food in a couple of spots to see whether I could get some more shots this year.  We've seen the odd one around (Kay more than me), but as usual I used the trail cam to find out what was happening.  The first diners were no more than a magpie and squirrel ......
 but sure enough after dark, and on several occasions one or more foxes came through.
The spot I used last year also revealed some foxes on the trail cam, but again after dark, so I wasn't surprised when an evening proved relatively uneventful.

Then one evening on the way back from dropping off some peanuts what did I see on the recently mown field ......................

 A good way off, but wonderfully relaxed in the warm evening sun.

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