Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In the briar patch

Although I enjoyed the lovely weather last weekend I didn't manage to get out with the camera, so apologies for the fact that some of the following were taken on grey days shooting into the light - never the best combination!  My puddles have been found by some 'wildlife photographers' whose idea of the art is to chop down to ground level all the reedmace and sedges that provided the shelter, and the tangled buddleia that the birds would work down to the pools.  Add in the horse jumps they created as camera rests and you have an idyllic micro-habitat ruined, at least in my eyes.
So I have been to some pastures new(ish), and have found much of my time spent amongst brambles or in thickets ................
Blue tit




Corn bunting (one day I will get a shot with the sun behind me!)

Great tit

and to close a stray wagtail that wandered onto the scene, and a crow.


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Beautiful photographs. I am greeting