Thursday, February 23, 2012

Norfolk coast

The woodland hide was great, but the day before I had a few hours to kill in the afternoon.  I went to see the snow buntings at Salthouse, and found a range of waders at the beach car park which seemed quite habituated to people, coming in to feed on bird seed.  Redshank, turnstone, knot.  I also got my first half decent shots of teal, a species I often find quite shy.

The snow buntings took a while to arrive, but when they did I was taken aback by the large size of the flock, tens of birds at least.  They were mainly feeding on a grassy bank - convenient for some eye level shots from the car, although I could really have done with some pruning time.  The range of colour variation was clear as you looked at the flock.

The sun took a while to appear, and then I was torn as  to whether to stay at Salthouse or have a look at another spot David had steered me towards.  In the end the option of exploring further won out and I headed further up the coast to take pictures of ....... horses? 
Look in the background to the left!  There were several barn owls out hunting in the late afternoon, something we never see before late dusk down here.  Sadly they didn't come too close, but still lovely to watch.

 More views and better detail in the web alums here.

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