Friday, July 29, 2011

Project 2011

If you read the wildlife photography books they all say that to get the best shots you need to get to know your target, put your time in on one thing rather than just going out to see what you can find.  Over the last couple of years I've put this into practice more than in the past - 2009 was Rich's field, 2010 was my woodland puddle, and for me both paid dividends, and pleasingly both were within a few miles of home.
For 2011 I had a new plan, closer to home than ever.
I'll explain more in the next post, but for now here's a taster, hopefully to whet your appetite!
The first to appear in front of the lens was a real treat.  This was my best view yet of a green woodpecker - completely unexpected and not seen since.
More birds followed, blackbird
and as a reassuring pointer to the fact that the absence of a hide wasn't a deterrent a succession of normally shy corvids -  magpie
a moulting crow
and one of my faves a jay.  Well several in fact.
For once though birds weren't the target.  The squirrels were a bit wary
and with the rabbit I finally felt I was on track.
Knowing rabbits were around got my mouth watering.  And it seemed I wasn't the only one licking my lips ........
(Click on the pic for a bigger view - it really is licking it's lips!).

More to follow soon.

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