Friday, April 29, 2011

On sticks and stones

I've been taking some more shots at my puddles ( to follow), but also grabbed the chance to take some snaps at a feeding station I set up nearby. I was hoping for something a bit hawfinch-like, but so far no joy. The trail cam has proved good way to keep track of what's feeding.
The niger seed has proved very popular with the siskins, but they are quite assertive little things and tend to fly straight onto the feeders. This one came in when I was packing up though and posed nicely on a branch (not a prop, despite how it looks!) as it hesitated whether to feed or not.

Meanwhile nearer home I went to try and snap a whitethroat. Again plenty around, but they were proving unpredictable perch-wise on the hedges. I did see one use the fence post though and so focused on that. No-go with me at the camera, but eventually using remote and camera unattended this one came in. Just a shame it didn't face the light.

One to try again if the sun comes back. Maybe I can plant a prettier perch.

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