Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Incoming ...........

The blog has been fairly quiet recently, but that's because I've been putting a lot of the time I do have into one particular project which I'm not quite ready to reveal yet. As always I keep thinking I can do better, and weather permitting I feel there are some potential improvements to be made on the work so far. So watch this space ............
I did have a change of scene last weekend though, visiting the seaside where I finally got some half-decent shots of a wheatear

and then I had a wander up to the local coppice where the starlings and (I'm sure) the woodpeckers nest. Plenty of likely looking holes, but no sign of any action as yet. I did find a few whitethroat in the local hedges, although the pictures were disappointing. My main camera is out of service at present - hopefully temporarily, just waiting for the quote, bit worried - and with the old 400D, whilst it does the job, the focusing really isn't good against a jumbled background. If you know whitethroats you will be familiar with the territorial flight where the male flies up from the bushes, singing away and then sort of parachutes back down. This one though adopted the lazy approach and just perched on the telephone wires!
And finally a shot taken 50 yards from my house as the sun was going down while the rain clouds rolled in. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live where I do, but moments like this remind me. Mind you, you can't see the Council depot 100yards to the left!

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