Friday, November 13, 2009

Running rail, Stepping goose

I've been getting post withdrawal, but you have to have something to post. Slimbridge is always a good bet when the late autumn quiet patch arrives, so after an unsuccessful dawn visit to see if there was any sign of the late barn owl brood at Rich's (no sign - hope they have made it), I headed over the bridge and up to the duckponds.
A water rail had been seen quite regularly at the Robbie Garnet hide, but after initially showing quite well I had heard from Chris G that it was quite skittish. True enough, it sneaked out from the reeds, broke into a surprisingly quick run and flew across the gap to the safety of the next patch of reeds. However being the top class wildlife photographer am I caught this superb image.

Aren't you jealous - hand and eye in harmony?!
A rail often is seen under the feeders in the winter, but the only real interest was the jackdaw that had worked out the peanut feeder and posed quite nicely.

A rather distant snipe showed quite well in the sun, enabling a heavy crop of a prolonged yawn - you really need to look at the web album to see it clearly.

Otherwise we had a goose goose-stepping,

a moorhen enjoying the sunshine

and a few of my favourite duck, the pintail - you must admit he's gorgeous.

I always have a quick look at the captives and had a nice view of this goosander, showing well the 'teeth' that give rise to the name of sawbill. Again you'll need to look at the web album to see this clearly.
On the way home I took the short detour down our little valley to see if any winter thrushes were around and sure enough there were a couple in the grumpy farmer's field. Taking my life in my hands I drove down the farm track and got near enough for my best yet fieldfare shot. That doesn't mean much, mind, but creeping ever closer to an accpetable shot. And best of all I escaped without having to endure any grumpiness. (He's alright really, just a bit glass half empty in personality which isn't ideal when you run a farm with a public footpath which you don't want people to use)
I also snapped this pipit, which I presume is meadow, although I always thought they had pink legs.

As ever better quality images in the web albums HERE


D - Wing said...

Nice pics, what equipment do you use?

Brian said...

I use canon. Most of my shots are with the poor(ish)man's big lens - a 300 f2.8 and a 2x convereter. The lens by itself is superb, and even with the converter the images are ok for the web at least