Saturday, October 03, 2009

Shoreline twitters

Photographing shorebirds is, it seems to me, mostly dependent on getting in the right place before the birds. If you know a spot they go and can get positioned in advance they often come into range. However when the birds are few in number and the feeding area potentially large this doesn't work. A trip to Severn Beach on a day with sun between the clouds held some promise, but the large number of anglers meant that the spots I would usually look at were not options.
I did find a few birds, but then had the fun of trying to get near enough to take some pictures. In the end, after a bit of crawling and narrowly missing some dog guano I got a spot and the birds, now hemmed in by the high tide, decided to put up with my presence. Ringed plover, turnstone and a solitary dunlin.
High tide is a time when the birds have a break, at least it is here where the tide was high enough to cover any feeding areas. My mind wandered a bit, and I got to thinking about Twitter. You see I just don't get it. My blog is, let's face it, a piece of vanity. I infrequently put into it things that might be deemed 'educational'. Most of it is a diary with pictures, that I'm sufficiently arrogant to think people will look at. And some do (thank you).
But Twitter allows you to type only 140 characters. Really, how interesting can most people's lives be to expect others to read 140 characters? Twitter says the question is 'What are you doing'? The answer might be 'Who cares'. But then I don't get all this 'texting' either and that's much the same I suppose. It's probably middle aged male communication that lies at the root of the issue (Mars and Venus and all that). I'll say something if there is a purpose, but otherwise the words blood and stone come to mind. Or so I'm gently reminded on a not infrequent basis!!

Anyway it struck me that the pictures above are a record of the sort of Groundhog Day life these birds lead, with a high tide Twitter that might be:

Tide came in. Feet getting wet so moved. Preening and stretching. Waiting. Snoozed. Waiting. Having a walk. Waiting. Waiting.

Did you notice the clever way I didn't type snoozing, but snoozed? You see the bird couldn't type while it was actually snoozing could it?

Drivel over. As always better views in the Latest Pictures web album HERE

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