Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Eye of the Beholder

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Below are a range (I know, too many) of recent pictures from Rich Cornock's field, my garden and the surrounding lanes. I'll leave you to decide which are the beauties, which the beasts!

As always better quality versions of these pictures, and some others (yes more), on the web albums HERE . Look in the latest pictures album and use the slideshow feature for best views.

Common fumitory with dew - a low growing plant I've never really noticed until this year.

Corn marigold

Scentless mayweed

Creeping thistle and sawfly sp.

Meadow grasshopper (the male has long wings, the female shorter)

Field grasshopper

Long winged conehead (antennae are a fair length too!)

Common blue

Small tortoiseshell

Painted lady

Speckled wood

Large white

Mint moth (apparently) - Pyrausta aurata

Graphomyia maculata

Tachina fera

Tachina grossa

Phasia hemiptera (?)

Unidentified fly (but a cutie)


Brown lipped snail (?)

Ladybird in wild carrot seedhead

Scorpion fly - at last some pictures with at least a semblance of focus. The male shows where the name comes from , but I was intrigued to note on the last shot that the 'sting' opens into 3 component parts. This is a favourite of mine, but I'm sure not to everyone's taste. The head looks a bit like something Tim Burton might use for a nightmare horse head.

Not sure what form of bee this is, it all seemed to be white. It did look nice against the mix of colours from the corn- and sunflowers.

Rich's field in the dawn light.

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