Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An imperial mistake

There are still times when I think I've taken a good snap, but when I get back to the PC I'm disappointed. If I've misjudged the light, or struggled with marginal wobble from a handheld exposure it's easier to see it as a learning point. When it's because I've simply cocked up it's harder to bear. For the second time this year I went in search of hawfinch. Makes about 8 or 9 hours in the hide. And finally a lovely female arrived, and posed quite well. On very first glance shots not too bad, but then I realised the quality wasn't right. In messing about with my (fairly)new camera, trying to read the small screen I'd set it to take 2.5MP RAW shots. Why on earth would they set the camera to even be able to do it!! I've learnt the lesson alright, but it's a real shame. Still she's pretty enough .........

.... if you like your birds to have a big pair of mandibles! Just look at that frontage!I'll stick the shots on the 'latest pictures' web album anyway - anything looks better than the blogger shots (although I may make some progress on that front soon, thanks to some guidance from Rich Steel. Now there's a man who does know how to take a good photo - just look at these fabulous grasshopper warbler shots HERE).

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