Monday, February 23, 2009

More Black Redstart

I remember once reading a quote by Frans Lanting about not wanting to take 'Bird on a Stick' photographs (sometimes known, I read elsewhere as BOAS pictures!). Pictures should do more to inspire, showing behaviour, or telling a story. For a weekend snapper like me that's a challenge. You either have to be very lucky, or put the hours in concentrating on a single species until you can get the best position, timing and light - and still you need an element of fortune.
As the Forest of Dean was out of bounds this weekend (dreadful mobile phone signal), and with a pretty small list of options I headed back to the delights of Costa Sudbrook to see if I could do better with the redstart. You can see that the environment leaves something to be desired - litter, mud and the roar of traffic on the Second Severn Crossing. When the bridge was closed recently one of the locals said his walk along the shore was weird - something missing.
I put in quite a few hours over 2 mornings, but the bird was conspicuous by it's absence most of the time. So too were the pipits, wagtails and stonechats of the previous weekend, so I suspect it was more about food than anything else. Still the bird did show 3 times and on one occasion came near enough for some close ups. On the sticks. Sticks which I, and I presume Chris Grady (see his website links to right) had positioned in range, in the hope they would be used.
Look how the thinner stick gives a better balance to the composition. I had also placed a blue bottle at a jaunty angle and was delighted when the bird used it for a sort of Chris Packham shot. Could have been a nicer prop and sharper picture, but a bit different. I can hear the purists shuddering.
Sadly the preening shot was from the wrong side.
At one point it almost looked like it was singing, although I couldn't hear anything (the articulated symphony from the bridge might have played a part in that).
Then it did open it's beak a number of times, but didn't seem to be singing so much as yawning. Just a bit too far away so this is a crop, and again not pin sharp. Still a BOAS, but at least there was some life there.
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