Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas wishes

Have a Happy Christmas everyone.
Sadly I don't suppose it will look like this!
As the year draws to a close I can look back on the pleasure that a bit more experience and some better quality camera kit can bring. That said, you can't magic the sun to shine from the right direction (if at all), the short eared owls to fly closer or the goldeneye to turn into a wild one! Still I had to include it below as I don't suppose I'll ever get a wild one this close or well lit!

Short eared owl, defying my attempts to get a decent shot. Still what a cracker to watch.
Pintail, captive goldeneye, woodpigeon, jackdaw (if you want to photograph a shy bird go somewhere with lots of people), curlew and wigeon at Slimbridge. You can see the light fading as the pictures go by.
And for any wildlife photographers out there in 2009,
may the eyes be in focus and the catch light just right.

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