Saturday, December 15, 2007

Feeeeed Me!

Getting close to wildlife is always a problem. A hide is a big plus. A hide with a feeding station in winter is a really big plus. The water rail pictures in the last post were from just such a spot, and it also pulled in other birds including the male and female common pheasant, the dark female - possibly golden pheasant - and the jay and grey squirrel.

But don't the feeding stations spoil the picture you might reasonably ask? I would say yes, but the point is the birds and mammals present other opportunities for pictures that look much more wild. These next few shots were all taken without changing seat, but could have been in the middle of nowhere .......................

(OK I'll admit the goldfinch - at last a teasel cliche shot(!) - didn't use the feeders, but I'm sure the bird activity helped draw it in!)

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