Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Aviemore: Coniferous Woodland

In wildlife terms Aviemore provides access to a number of special habitats, and perhaps the most famous is the ancient pine forest. For some reason we spent hardly any time there this year!

I did manage to get a shot of the rare and elusive chaffinch (!), and more seriously crept nearer a picture of a goldcrest. At least this time you can see the crest.

Last year we stumbled over the more famous crested bird of the pines, the crested tit. I find it to be one of those birds (like crossbills) that you never seem to find when you go looking for them, but which turn up unexpectedly when your mind is on other things.

We didn't stumble over any crossbills either year, but this siskin posed nicely last year at the RSPB reserve at Loch Garten.

Mammal-wise the one you should see is the red squirrel. The feeders at Loch Garten are a good starting point .....

although you will find them in many spots if you keep half an eye open.

However the best place I know for a close-up view whilst having a cup of coffee and a huge slice of cake is the little cafe at Jack Drake's Alpine Plant Nursery.

In fact sometimes you wonder who's watching who.

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