Thursday, April 19, 2007

Local Patching II

A trip to Newport wetlands started with a quick look at Caldicot levels and the little owl again. I missed a much better shot of this pheasant, as seconds before the sheep had bent it's head down and given it a good sniff!

At the wetlands it was mostly just the usual suspects. The hawthorn was in full leaf - much earlier than last year, meaning the chances of seeing the many Cetti's warblers in full view were much reduced.

My favourite footy arses - both little and great crested were around, but I suspect I've missed the courtship displays of the gc's.

This reed bunting was in full song, though, but not quite so tame as in times past, hence the somewhat distant view.

There was one bird that stood out though. In many days of walking around the reserve in the last couple of years I've only seen the bearded tits once. Last Sunday I saw them on 5 different occasions, 'pinging' away just like the calls on my birdsong CD! One pair seemed to be working repeatedly over a lagoon - hopefully nesting there and giving the chance of better pictures in the future.

This, sadly, was the best shot I managed - and this is heavily cropped! Still as a record shot it does show the male in classic pose.

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