Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Funny sparrows 2

After a few weeks of limited opportunities at home, a trip up north again gave me a chance to return to Old Moor, this time with a scope and more luck.

The tree sparrows finally obliged, just outside one of the hides and some waders were finally in range (well except the golden plover which were in digiscoping range [marked 'D'] - not quite the same thing!).

[Click on the pics for slightly bigger views]

Tree Sparrow

Golden Plover [D] above and below

Green Sandpiper


Teal (female above, male below)

Meanwhile in Treeton the duck brigade were out in force on Catcliffe Flash, albeit again mainly in digiscoping range.


Wigeon (and Shoveller in background) [D]

Nice to see the male wigeon back in plumage after the eclipse plumage of my previous post from Old Moor.

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Anonymous said...

wow nice birdies....
beautiful pictures