Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Keep trying!

In the end I'll get a decent shot of a corn bunting, but the venue continues to frustrate, so it might be a while.  Too many multi-stemmed twiggy bushes on the wrong side of the road!  Factor in my ineptitude - grab the camera on arrival to dash off a few shots of an unexpected clear sighting, then remember you didn't reset it after the last outing - and sad to say not the first time I've failed to learn that lesson.  That said it looks like what it is, an early morning shot and I quite like it.  Didn't seem to be an oft used perch though, but an earlier start, some good camo and who knows.

There are still a few buntings around, but frustrating to get full frame shots, so these are all crops.

The linnets were a bonus.  I just wish the site was a bit nearer to allow me to get a feeding station running.

Talking of camo I have taken quite a lot of shots in full view, but lying down, for example at my woodland puddles, and a bit of patience can bring surprisingly close views.  However I have felt that softening the outline further might help, leading to the purchase of a ghillie suit.  If you have ever seen one you would realise that it is quite easy to feel a prat in one!  I put on the hood and jacket when snapping the linnets, lying on the ground.  I didn't have time to move the camera when I saw a bird glide effortlessly along the hedge bottom.  It landed no more than 8 feet from my head and spent the next couple of minutes looking round, and at times having a good peer straight at me.  No alarm though.  If I can fool a sparrowhawk maybe it really does work.